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Have you taken months or years of your life to write a beautiful, amazing book, but can’t seem to get people to buy it?
When trying to market your book to a bookstore, have you been met with rejection or disdain (or both)?
Are you struggling to get your book noticed with the 100,000 other books published each year?
Are you embarrassed when friends and family ask how many books you’ve sold?
Do you know you need help, but have little or no marketing budget? 
Are you sick of working so hard for nothing and feel like giving up? 
Would you like to finally succeed, having your book become a bestseller (or just sell a lot of copies) in one day - with little or no cost for marketing?

My name is Tara Meyer-Robson, and boy, do I understand these feelings! A few years ago, I was just like you—so tired of working so hard and making so little. Honestly, I stopped dreaming of being a bestseller and was just wishing I could sell even 30 copies a month. I was so worn out, I almost gave up. For an optimistic person like me, that’s a really bad place to be. 

If you are at that place right now, DON”T GIVE UP! I promise you, you CAN do this, and I am going to show you my exact, step-by-step formula that helped me to sell 700 books in a day (and 3,000 in a week), instantly generated 100s of radio and TV interviews, and led to me selling my foreign rights and going on a 10 day book tour in Romania. In fact, the results of this ONE campaign are even going to today—almost 4 years later—but I will tell you more about that in a minute...

My Bumpy Road to Bestselling Author...
My story probably starts a lot like yours—since I was a child, I dreamed of being a bestselling author. From the time I was about 8, I wrote fiction, I wrote poetry, I wrote just about everything—but I became really passionate about creating a program to help to transform people’s lives. Inspired by this idea, I worked tirelessly for 5 years—often around the clock, sacrificing sleep, money, and time with my husband and friends—to research for and write my first book, The Flow: 40 Days to Total Life Transformation. 

After finishing my first manuscript, I immediately had a LA agent interested in my work! I was sure this meant that my book would become a bestseller! I worked harder than ever—putting in 90 hour weeks for 4 months to edit the book down to its final form. 

Crossing my fingers, I sent it off to the agent, who loved it and sent it to big publishing houses. While they liked my work, they all came back with the same message: I “needed a bigger platform” (Translation: “We want someone like Snooki or Paris Hilton that has a ton of followers that will instantly buy the book without any marketing on our part.”). 

Well, I’m not Snooki or Paris Hilton (and I’m really okay with that) so I decided to sign with a small publishing house to get the book out there. After all, I wrote a great book, had a lot of marketing experience, and was willing to work harder than most to make something succeed; I was sure that it would be easy to get the kinds of sales numbers that attract the big publishing houses! 

Very quickly, I learned the sad reality of the publishing world: the average author in America sells 99 books for the entire life of her book. Yes, that’s 99 books TOTAL! 

Worse, since the average author makes about 75 cents a book, you can quickly compute how poor most authors are (and what the real hourly rate is for all that work you put into your book). 

I also learned WHY average sales are so terribly low: Bookstores and book distributors make it almost impossible for a new author to succeed. 

In fact, even with two prestigious national awards attached to my book—The Flow was awarded as a Finalist in ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year and was named as one of the Top 10 Books for Awakening by Soul Salon International—bookstores refused to stock my book because I was “unknown” (and because I wouldn’t pay for a bunch of extra in-store marketing). 

So much for bookstores being driven by the love of authors... 

Frustrated and feeling like a total failure, I almost gave up. 
However, my husband cheered me on, encouraging me to keep going (thank goodness!). Pulling from my marketing background, I began to think about other ways to make my book a bestseller—so I tirelessly researched for new trends in the industry and sought out information on how other bestselling authors did it. 

Combining all of this research into one focused campaign, on October 8th, 2008, my book FINALLY became a bestseller in 3 different categories on Amazon and stayed on the bestseller lists for over a week—and made it to #3 on the “Movers and Shakers” list of ALL books on Amazon! 

Better yet, it cost me almost NOTHING to do! 

Best of all, I sold 700 books in one day, over 3000 books in a week, and immediately was contacted by many radio shows to book me as a guest expert, many of whom wouldn’t give me the time of day just a week before. 

And—it directly led to me selling my foreign rights and going on a 10-day international book tour and launch at the Bucharest Bookfest. This tour is the single most amazing experience of my life—meeting with and helping people halfway around the globe who speak a different language than you is even better than you can possibly imagine.

Even more amazing, the benefits of this ONE campaign are still being felt to this day. In fact, I was contacted about 3 months ago by a Spanish physics professor who saw me on TV in Romania and is now helping to both translate my book into Spanish and Portuguese and present my work to scientific conventions. 

I am actually stunned how this one campaign—that cost me almost nothing—keeps positively affecting my career!

Since my “bestselling day” in 2008, I’ve helped several other authors replicate those results, with every single one becoming a bestseller in ONE DAY in their categories, often without spending a cent on marketing. 

And then it dawned on me: 
While I love, love, love helping authors to finally succeed—and while I really love keeping authors from being taken advantage of by unscrupulous PR consultants* and “bestseller coaches” who charge WAY more for their work than an author is likely to EVER make on their books—the fact is that there are just too many authors that truly need this kind of help for me to have the time to help each individually, no matter how much I want to. 

Knowing that I could help a lot more authors help themselves, I decided to package the whole thing up and offer it for a low cost so that every single author could have access to the exact system I used to do all this! (And by the way, I am so proud of how it turned out!) Check it out - and make sure that you check out the amazing extras you will get if you purchase TODAY only!

In my “Bestseller in 1 Day” program, you will get: 
The exact formula I used to sell 700 books in one day and become a bestselling author.

Over 250 pages of specific, easy-to-follow, and exact instructions—with screenshots —for precisely how to design your Bestseller Campaign; absolutely NOTHING is left to chance or guesswork!

Tons of secret ways that you can find experts that will help you to promote your campaign to hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of people—for FREE. 

The specific reasons why authors fail (and precisely why it’s not your fault if you are struggling)—and how you can be the one to succeed! 

I am literally giving you all my knowledge on how to become a bestselling author, including a TON of material that I have never shared before…all in 8 simple steps:

In Step 1, you’ll learn: 
How many weeks out to set your Bestseller Campaign launch day, based on your current technology skill level and the amount of time and help you have available. If you make a mistake here—either setting it too far out or too soon—you could fail at the entire process, so this is CRITICAL for your success.

Which day of the week is the best for your campaign (meaning more books sold!) —and which two days will pretty much assure that your campaign fails. 

What time of the day is best for sending out promotional emails, tweets, and posts (and which times are the absolute worst, almost guaranteeing no one will see your materials to act on them). 
In Step 2, you’ll find out:
How to connect with authors and product creators that you have always admired, creating a positive, long-term partnership with them. (Learning just this one thing will boost your book sales and your career!). 

My specific, proprietary process for finding people on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn that will gladly help you to promote your book for FREE. I include screenshots for every single step of the process, so you will not get lost, even if you are not tech-savvy. 

How to assess if a person is a good fit as a partner for you (if you have ever been taken advantage of by unscrupulous partners, this is an important skillset—and yes, you will learn from my mistakes!).

How to find groups with thousands of people that are specifically interested in your exact type of book or product (also known in the marketing world as “qualified buyers”—but unlike most marketers, you won’t have to spend a CENT to market directly to them!)

In Step 3, I’ll show you: 
The exact, word-for-word letter I used to entice people to become partners in my Bestseller Campaign (and you’ll get a download of the letter as well, so you can personalize it and use it in your own launch). My letter is so effective that I received 40 immediate positive responses out of 65 people contacted. 

The ONE amazing (super easy) thing I did that assured fast turnaround of positive responses from partners who were knocking on my door to be part of my campaign!

What to NEVER say to your potential partners (if you want them to actually write you back). 

How to personalize the letter for your particular genre or focus. I even give you pre-written, individualized paragraphs for almost every genre you can think of— mystery, fiction, non-fiction, children’s books and products, personal training, travel, food, personal growth, and more. NOTHING is left to chance here—I have literally given you paragraphs that have been tested and will work for your genre (so you don’t even have to write your own!). 

How to use “insider talk” to relate most effectively to your potential partners. 

Exactly how to showcase the benefits of your partnership, so that partners easily understand how valuable this partnership is for all of you! 

The specific way to sign your letter that will increase your response rate 10-fold, with no extra effort (and is good to use for all your publicity efforts—just learning this one little trick will help you to land SO many more radio and TV spots). 

Which subject line will dramatically increase your open rate (the amount of people that open the e-mail and read it), and which commonly-used subject line goes to junk or trash more than any other. 

How to personalize the greeting of your letter to increase your response rate and fast-track the development of a relationship with your partners. 

Exactly how to send out letters and messages to your partners, with specific, step-by-step instructions that even a tech-newbie can follow. 

In Step 4, I’ll teach you: 
Precisely how to keep track of all your partner responses—and why keeping track of the order in which they reply is so critical. I give you my own tracking spreadsheet that I used (in a download), so you don’t even have to create that!

How to set up separate folders on your computer to keep your responses organized (this is much more important than you might think!)

And, you’ll get my exact (often copied) “thank you” letter with details of exactly what you need from your partners. (This includes one simple thing I did that increased partner information coming back to me in the format I needed—saving me hours and hours of time.)

How much time you should give your partners to respond—and why giving them too much or too little time may cause you to lose some valuable partners. 

What “little surprise” to include, showing your partners how much you value them (and really motivating them to help you become a bestseller)! 

In Step 5, you’ll learn 
(and this one is extra-AWESOME):

Exactly how to create your most beautiful, professional, gorgeous landing page, even if you have NEVER created a website before—and even if you have NO graphics experience! You will receive my exact landing page that made me a bestseller to use as your template for the colors, graphics, and copy on the page. (Yes, you could use just THIS information to build or improve your own website!)

How to create absolutely gorgeous graphics, using Pages (Mac) or Word (PC). (You don’t even need expensive graphics-ware to create the most beautiful site you can imagine!)

How to get free professional photos for your use—and they will be so beautiful they will blow you away! (I have had web designers compliment my websites and ask who the designer is—it’s always fun to say “me!” and know that I did it for FREE.)

How to choose the right photos and colors for the tone of your landing page—and why the wrong ones could turn people away. 

How to personalize the landing page copy to drive book sales for YOUR book. Again, I give you specific, proven examples from almost every genre—so there is NO guesswork here. (You won’t believe how easy it is when you have all this!) 

How to create the best “buy now” buttons—with 10 button downloads that you can use on your own page—and how to link those to your sales page. 

How to create and publish your landing page in both iWeb (Mac) and Wordpress —with screenshots of every step in the process. (This is worth $100s to $1,000s alone—you won’t have to pay a graphic artist or developer ever again!) 

How to create and publish a gorgeous secret bonus page, including downloads you can use for graphics on your own page - and how to make the page private or password-protected. 

The really important thing you MUST do on your bonus page in order to cross-sell other products and build your brand (if you skip this, you are losing potentially 100s of future sales). 

In Step 6, you’ll find out: 
The complete “Bestseller Campaign Day” email that I used to become a bestselling author, including a download of the short and long versions of the email for your use. Just like the other letters, I’ve broken down the email piece by piece, showing you exactly how to personalize it for your use, and including specific email copy for a variety of different genres. 

What the #1 “non-sales tool” that you should NEVER SKIP is—it will establish trust with purchasers and increase your sales exponentially!

Which sentences to ALWAYS set apart in their own one-line paragraph—and why that is so important to your sales.

Precisely how to inject your personality into your launch day email, and why it’s so important to your brand and your long-term success beyond the launch day. 

In Step 7, you’ll learn: 
How to show extra gratitude to your partners, so you develop a strong, long-term, mutually beneficially relationship with them. 

What time of day is best for sending out the Bestseller Campaign day email, and what time is to be avoided at all costs. 

The day-by-day communication plan for the last week prior to your Campaign day, and why it is so important to do each step in order. 

The extra bonuses that you can give to your partners as a surprise on the Campaign day that will delight them—and translate into increased book sales for you!

In Step 8, you will:
Sit back and watch your book sell seemingly effortlessly (and watch as you become a bestselling author!)! 


Imagine being a bestselling author in just 10 weeks!
If you follow along as we do the webinar—completing each step as we do it —you will be able to get your own Bestseller Campaign up and running in as little as 10 weeks!** 

Can you imagine being a bestselling author in just 10 weeks from now—with no additional marketing? 

Can you imagine, that in just 10 weeks from now, you could be booked on radio and TV shows—and maybe even be seen by international publishers that may want to buy the rights to your book? 

Imagine it—if it can happen for me, it can happen for you! 

And—if you are one of the first 30 purchasers—you’ll have exclusive access to the LIVE webinar series, so you will have the extra support and enthusiasm that you need to make this super-successful. 

And there’s MORE BONUSES for you:

*There are many TERRIFIC PR professionals. If you find one, definitely use them! I am referring to the countless authors I know who have spent over $10,000 for a 3 month book marketing campaign that sold - if they were exceedingly lucky -1000 books. For the average author, that means they made about $790.00 on book sales and are in the hole for $9,210.00. But, hey, the PR consultant is happy (and likely taking a nice vacation)! 

**Your pace may be slower than 10 weeks; as you will find out in the program, depending on your skill level and amount of time you can devote to getting your campaign up and running, your own campaign set-up may be shorter or longer than this.
Do you dream of being a bestselling author?